Each committee at BUMUN 2016 awards four delegates under the categories “outstanding delegate” and “best delegate”. A maximum number of three delegates are awarded the outstanding delegate award while a single delegate may receive the best delegate, based on the conduct of the committee board. The criterion for the awards are as follows:

  • Delegate displays exceptional background and/or general knowledge and accuracy of both represented, and foreign policy
  • Delegate displays substantive knowledge of the Agenda-Item and proposes creative and feasible solutions, with well- developed strategies for implementation, including operations and funding
  • Delegate is relatively familiar of the procedure and is able to use procedural points to their advantage during sessions
  • Delegate is eager and willing to cooperate during caucuses and contributes to the fluency of the meeting
  • Delegate demonstrates diplomacy, negotiation, and leadership by;
  • Attempting to work towards resolving differences between groups and/or major players (finding a middle ground to achieve solutions that are acceptable to all parties and that constitute a definite improvement on the current situation)
  • Exerting themselves to achieve – as much of the objectives as possible – of other delegations (as well as their own), to the extent that this does not do unacceptable damage to their own aims
  • Extracting and exchanging concessions from and with other delegations while maintaining an atmosphere of cooperation and teamwork
Awards will be announced at the closing ceremony, before the closure of the conference. Delegates that receive any one of the above awards, shall receive an extra certificate aside from the standard participation certificate.